Project Introduction and Progress Review Program in Gandaki Village Council

Marching towards the path of strong local governance and remarkable sign of stability, first phase Local Election was conducted on May 14, 2017, first time after two decades in Nepal. The election ensured the new local level governmental structure with metropolitan, sub metropolitan, municipalities and village councils (Gaupalika).

Gorkha Municipality, Gandaki Village Council and Bhimsen Village Council with wards represent new local level governmental structure in Gorkha district. ECO-Nepal with support of DCA has been supporting 1, 2, 4, 6,7and 8 Wards of Gandaki Village Council in the sector of WASH, Livelihood, DRR, PSS and Shelter whereas 4 and 5 wards of Bhimsen Village Council in WASH sector only.

ECO-Nepal /DCA believe that community people are center of any project implemented. Sustainable and reliable approach is always considered in all activities conducted by the organization which is achievable only with smooth co-ordination with governmental bodies so that our objectives and activities are integrated in governmental plans and activities. With this realization, ECO-Nepal/DCA organized “Project Introduction and Progress Review Program in Gandaki Village Councilon 24th June, 2017 where newly elected local representatives and ECO-Nepal and DCA representatives participated cheerfully  from Gandaki Village council including all 8 wards in Bhadrakali Higher School, Ward number-6, Bhumlichowk with objective of introduction among representatives and organization members, running projects and develop understanding, coordination in  development of community people together.

Mr. R.C Neupane, Chairperson ECO-Nepal, interacting in program

The program started with chairmanship of Mr. Hom Bdr. Rana Magar, Chairman, Gandaki Village Council in facilitation of Mr. Dev Raj Chaulagain, Gandaki Village Council Officer. ECO-Nepal/DCA presented detail on project budget and expenses displaying in charts till date completing the public audit followed with Project introduction and progress update in all sectors presented by Mr. Sandesh Baral, Project Manager, ECO-Nepal in support of all thematic officers of ECO- Nepal and DCA.

After project introduction, floor was open for interaction about the organization’s performances, feedback and views from representatives about project from past, present days to upcoming days which proved to be very effective part of program aiding to capture valuable feedback from representatives.

Lots of NGOs works for community in different sectors, but lack to collect feedback from community people about their program. We recommend such organization to be transparent from source of budget to activities to people and representatives and coordinate together for development”, Mr. Hari Bdr. Sunuwar, ward secretary, Bhumlichowk-6 explained.

We are here to support in all cost, not to implement; people representatives are who needs to implement, all our programs are community programs. We consider sustainability with high priority”, clarified Mr. R.C Neupane, Chairperson,  ECO-Nepal and Mrs. Bebi Shah, PSS Officer, DCA.

This part is just one piece of interaction in the program. The program became so interactive emerging with lots of positive feedback and suggestions and clearing the raised confusions as well by respective thematic officers.

Jiwan Gurung, Ward Chairman-6 informed that “Effective and smooth coordination about project activities along with field staffs information to community people and representatives must be ensured to ensure ownership, non-political and unbiased selection of beneficiaries

This program doesn’t end the coordination today, it is initiation actually and we want to convince that upcoming project/programs will be coordinated in ward level” said Mr. Aashish Devkota, District Program Officer and DRR & PSS Officer, ECO-Nepal

viber image (1)
Ongoing interaction in the program.

In order to address the gap  regarding ECO-Nepal /DCA  field staffs , staff resister will be maintained in each Ward Office and communication with ward members will be prioritized before activities implementation” ensured Mr. Sandesh Baral, Project Manager, ECO-Nepal.

ECO-Nepal/DCA is such NGO which deserves more appreciations for their transparent and community people focused activities. I am satisfied with the works till date and expect same in coming days as well so that it can be established as ideal organization.” Concluded, Mr.  Hom Bdr. Rana Magar, Chairman, Gandaki Village Council which added more encouragement to ECO-Nepal/DCA team and inspired towards sustainable development of  community people contributing to quality of life in Gandaki Village Council.

Major Pointed Challenges:

  • ODF revival and Data verification by representatives about no Latrine population in working areas.
  • Inclusion of 3,4 (Phujel) and 5(Darbung) wards of Gandaki Village Council as ECO-Nepal/DCA working area.
  • Developing work strategy to minimize overlapping activities of different organizations in same wards.
  • Ensuring Non- politicized process and non-political influence in ECO-Nepal staff’s selection to beneficiaries’ selection including its all program and activities.
  • Effective information sharing and co-ordination about ECO-Nepal/DCA project and activities and field staffs implementing those activities among local body representatives.

Conclusions Made:

  • Develop Action plan for immediate meeting call in ward level and coordinate closely with concerned ward offices for ODF revival.
  • Discuss in organizational level to develop work strategy and capacitate field staffs to deliver project objectives, information as they are first line manpower in field so that overlapping of different organizations in same area can be minimized.
  • Coordinate with other organizations working in same area and same sector like WASH and share the resources with them so that duplication can be minimized and cover more number of beneficiaries.
  • Inform about project activities and implementing field staffs effectively to ward representatives, maintain records in ward office to ensure ownership and reliability.
  • Commitment for regular technical support to Gandaki Village Council even after project phase out.
  • Strong dedication to ensure unbiased and non-political selection of beneficiaries and staffs.
  • Decision to increase more positive approach for feedback collection from community people and representatives.
  • Dedicate and step towards inclusion of of 3,4 (Phujel) and 5(Darbung) wards of Gandaki Village Council as ECO-Nepal/DCA working area.
  • Support Gandaki Village Council to develop Climate change adoption plans and Disaster preparedness and approaches in School, vulnerable community people and make them resilient community.

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